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Cat6 - Flat Vs Round Ethernet Cable, Read!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Planning for your Home and Office Network Structured Cabling ? Please use 2 minutes to Read this article before you proceed with your plan.

For Home or Office Network, Which one will you choose ? Round CAT6 Cable or Flat Cable ?

In the next few paragraph, We shall discuss what are some of the plus point of using Round CAT6 Ethernet Cable over Flat CAT6 Ethernet Cable.

Home And Office Network ( CAT6 Ethernet Cable )

Setting up a Home or Office Network, Most of the users will remember the key equipment, Such as Routers, Modems, Hubs, Switches, etc.

Many times, CAT6 Ethernet Cable are the last thing in mind for most users when Setting up a Home & Office Network. However, CAT6 Ethernet Cable play a significant roles in network speed, stability, reliability and accuracy.

There are 2 types of CAT6 Ethernet Cables available in the market. Round and Flat.

CAT6 Ethernet Cable - Round Vs Flat

CAT6 Ethernet Cable ( Round )
  • Round CAT6 Cable come with Twisted Pair Cables ( Image Above ). Twisted Pair Wire are great for

  1. Reducing Noise Interference

  2. Better Shield

  3. Reduce Cross-Talk Significantly **

** "Reduce Cross-Talk", That means signals from one wired pair won’t interfere with another wired pair, which typically creates a “traffic jam” that slows your data. Twisted Pair Improved shielding also reduces crosstalk between neighboring Ethernet cables.

* Note : For Flat Cable, It usually come with Non-Twisted Pair Wire, Therefore, Flat Cable are more prone to interference and Cross-Talk. Lesser Shield.


  • Round CAT6 Cable come with Standard Solid Core Wire. This enhanced with :

  1. Good Reliability

  2. Suitable for Longer Distance Cabling.

* Note : For Flat Cable, It come with thin Multiple Stranded Cable, Which are weak, Most Flat Cable in the market are not more than 30m length, Performance do drop at longer length.


  • During Setting up of Home or Office Network, Round CAT6 Cable is much easier to manage when pulling across walls, floors etc. With their Thick PVC Outer Insulation, They are absolutely more Rugged, Durable and Hardy!

* Note : For Flat Cable, The outer layer of the Insulation are thin, It's not as hardy compare to Round CAT6 Ethernet Cable. It's advisable not to use Flat Cable for Structured Cabling.


CAT6 Ethernet Cable ( Flat )


In conclusion

For Home Network and Office Network , It is recommended to use Round CAT6 Ethernet Cable Vs the Flat Type. The Reliability of Round CAT6 Ethernet Cable are the most important elements in our context. It's durability enable us to pull the CAT6 Cables across walls & floors.

Not forgetting, A Good Quality CAT6 Ethernet Cable is one of the key elements of creating a good reliable Network. ( 3M / BELDEN CAT6 Ethernet Cable )


There are reasons, When Setting Up An Office Enterprise Network, A Data Center or A Professional Environment, Flat CAT6 Ethernet Cable are rarely seem or applied in such a Network Space. Why? Have a Thought!

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