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Siemens LOGO Power Supply, ( For Distribution Board )

The LOGO Power Supply, Power Distribution

Our new miniature power supply units in the same design as the logic modules offer great performance in the smallest of spaces: Efficiency has been improved across the entire load range, and the low power losses in no-load operation ensure efficient operation.


The wide-range input for single-phase networks as well as operation with direct voltage, the wide operating temperature range, comprehensive certifications as well as the switch-on behavior optimized for capacitive loads makes them suitable for universal use. These reliable power supplies with their flat, stepped profile can be used extremely flexible in numerous applications such as in Distribution Boards,

KEY Features

  • Low width
    with minimum of 18 mm to maximum of 72 mm, thus requiring very little space in the control cabinet or distribution board

  • High energy efficiency
    with efficiency levels of up to 90% over the entire power range and ERP-compliant no-load losses of < 0.3 W

  • Global use
    due to operating temperature range from -25 °C to +70 °C and international certificates

  • Load monitoring
    due to real-time measurement of the output current without disconnecting the cable, i.e. without interrupting the DC supply

  • Flexible mounting
    with standard rail or wall mounting in different installation positions

  • Broad portfolio
    including 11 devices with 5 V, 12 V, 15 V and 24 V DC up to 100 watts (new: 12 V/0.9 A and 24 V/0.6 A)

  • Flexible operation
    in all standard 1-phase supply networks thanks to wide range input of 100 … 240 V AC without switchover and operation on DC networks with 110 … 300 V DC

  • Reliability
    due to problem-free connection of loads with high inrush currents thanks to power reserve when starting up as well as constant current in the event of overload


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