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Cablellink (ARMOURED) Fiber Optic Cable are Excellent for - OpenNet Connection for : Singtel, M1, Starhub, My RePublic.



This Cable Support All ONT Box to OpenNet Termination Point.



10x Stronger, Features more Robust & Reliable when encountered with :


  • Bending during Installation.
  • Moisture
  • Deep Cuts
  • Abrasions
  • Twisting during Installation.



Each Armoured Cable are Robust & Versatile, Immune to Interference from Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency. Speedy and Faster Data Signal Tranmission. High Reliability and Stability.



Fiber Optic Cable ( Armoured ) - 6.0m

  • Armoured Fiber Cable Provide Extra Protection for internal fiber optic cable without sacrificing the flexibility, bending or functionality within the fiber networks,


    10x Stronger. It comes with a layer of Spiral Steel Pipe and Aramid Fiber, Aiming to Protect the armoured cable from being Stretched during installations.


    Featuring more Robust and Reliable when encountered with Moisture, Deep Cuts, Abrasions, Twisted, or even Pest like rodents,


    Cablellink (Armoured) Fiber Optic Cable are - Compliant to Industry Standard and are 100% Certify to


    • UL Listed ( USA ) *
    • CE Mark ( Europe )*
    • ISO / IEC 61300 *
    • ROHS Compliant *


    * Above Certifications are marked on each Cables itself with - CE Mark, UL, ISO/IEC 61300, RoHS Compliant.



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